Natural Coca Leaf

Medicinal Panacea of the Gods

The truth about the powerful medicinal properties of the natural coca leaf and its complex combination of alkaloids. Learn about use the coca leaf from indigenous peoples as food, medicine and as a tea. Discover natural brewing techniques, dry and wet fermentation processes and special methods of tea extraction from renowned Bromatologist.

-Col. David J. Wright, Creator of Triple 3x Coca Tea.

Natural Coca Leaf and its Products

Discovered by the Indigenous People 6000 Years Ago

Coca leaves were available and commonly used in home remedies across more than half of the South American states in pharmacies until the early 1960's when cocaine HCl (the derived alkaloid) was listed by the United Nations as a prohibited narcotic under the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna in 1961. Under the legal statute and custom the drug and anything containing the drug and its sources became illegal as well.

Despite the plant and its leaves being illegal it has remained in constant use as a food supplement and medicinal plant among indigenous natives in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. It is also used by the Coca-Cola Company which uses it as an essential flavor ingredient.

Noteworthy research has suggested since the 1970s that the coca leaf in its natural form is highly nutritious containing many vitamins and minerals. Its combination of alkaloids are known to cure and prevent many common diseases related to ageing including high-blood pressure and diabetes.

Legalized in Bolivia in 2013

Coca is Cultural Heritage

When Evo Morales became the first indigenous president to head a nation-state following Spanish colonialism he took up the battle of defending the rights of indigenous people, their customs and traditions in contrary to both the church and the neo-colonial Spanish state. His achievements since he has been in office for his country and internationally for indigenous people have been significant, he helped develop a law that protects mother earth (nature) and in 2013 he convinced the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to exempt Bolivia from the 1961 Convention, making coca and its cultivation legal in Bolivia for traditional use.

Pope Reaffirms Indigenous Rights and Coca Leaf

Although it was suppressed by the mainstream media, when Pope Francis visited the Plurinational State of Bolivia in 2015 he consumed (maté de coca) infused coca leaves using a stylistic silver Argentine bombilla straw. While visiting he also ate products including pastry and chewed coca leaves. He left from Bolivia with coca leaves and traveled to Ecuador.

Learn more about the botanical classification, cultivation, propagation, preparation for infusion, and much more. Participate in a crowdfunding project to export coca leaf tea from Bolivia around the world.